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Mid-Tour Notes Europe

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I’m on the way back to Paris from Rotterdam, riding in a van amidst some fairly heavy rain. Going through a city at the moment, think it’s Lille (France)? Last night I was at the North Sea Jazz Festival, playing with Cuban master flautist Orlando “Maraca” Valle’s Monterey Project. We had a good gig, with the only downer being that the Netherlands lost in the final of the World Cup about halfway through our set. This was one of the less ebullient North Sea Festivals I’ve attended, for sure. I still had a great time, not only yesterday but over the days before rehearsing in Paris with Maraca and the band. It’s great to have the opportunity to rehearse the music you’re going to play more than once; a lot of people don’t realize what a relative luxury and rarity that is in our jazz world. It makes a difference. (more…)