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"Questioned Answer" - Brian Lynch and Emmet Cohen

Hollistic MusicWorks ()
Recorded on

"ConClave Vol.2" - Brian Lynch And Spheres Of Influence

Criss Cross (1331 CD)
Recorded on June 4, 2010

"Unsung Heroes (Vols. 1-3)" - Brian Lynch

Hollistic Music Works (HMW 1 (Vol.1); HMW 2 (Vol. 2); HMW 3 (Vol. 3))
Recorded on Oct. 12-13, 2008 and Dec. 22, 2009

"Bolero Nights For Billie Holiday" - Brian Lynch Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra

Venus (VCD 1029)
Recorded on Nov. 8-9, 2008

Simpatico CD Cover

"Simpático" - The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project (2006 Grammy Award Winner for Best Latin Jazz Album)

ArtistShare (AS0057)
Recorded on Nov. 23, 25, 26 & Dec. 5, 2005.

Spheres Of Influence Suite CD cover

"Spheres Of Influence Suite" - Brian Lynch and Spheres Of Influence

EWE Records (EWE CD2008)
Recorded on 28th & 29th November 2004

Con Clave CD cover

"Con Clavé" - Brian Lynch Latin Jazz Sextet

Criss Cross Jazz (Criss 1271 CD)
Recorded on 14th October 2004

"Que Viva Coltrane" - Conrad Herwig & Brian Lynch

Criss Cross Jazz (Criss 1254 CD)
Recorded on December 15, 2003

...Meets Bill Charlap CD cover

"Brian Lynch Meets Bill Charlap" - Brian Lynch

Sharp Nine (CD 1027-2)
Recorded on 16th May 2003

"Fuchsia/Red" - The Brian Lynch Quartet

Cellar Live (CL020201)
Recorded on February 1st & 2nd, 2003

24/7 CD cover

"24/7" - Brian Lynch

Nagel Heyer (2047 / 2055)
Recorded on 16th & 17th December 2002

Do That Make You Mad? CD cover

"Do That Make You Mad?" - Brian Lynch/Tomonao Hara Quintet

Zoo'T Records (ZT-2002)
Recorded on 16th May 2001

Tribute to the Trumpet Masters CD cover

"Tribute To The Trumpet Masters" - The Brian Lynch Quartet (Vol. 2)

Sharp Nine (CD 1017-2)
Recorded on 28th & 29th April 2000

Spheres Of Influence CD cover

"Spheres of Influence" - Brian Lynch

Sharp Nine (CD 1007-2)
Recorded on 26th & 28th June 1997

Keep Your Circle Small CD cover

"Keep Your Circle Small" - The Brian Lynch Quartet (Vol. 1)

Sharp Nine (CD 1001-2)
Recorded on June 24th, 1995

"At The Main Event" - Brian Lynch Quintet/Sextet

Criss Cross Jazz (Criss 1070 CD)
Recorded on 29th December 1991

In Process CD cover

"In Process" - Brian Lynch Quintet/Sextet

Ken Music (660.56.011)
Recorded on 17th & 18th October 1990

Back Room Blues CD cover

"Back Room Blues" - Brian Lynch Quintet

Criss Cross Jazz (Criss 1042 CD)
Recorded on 30th December, 1989

"Peer Pressure" - Brian Lynch Sextet

Criss Cross Jazz (Criss 1029 CD)
Recorded on 27th December 1986