Catching Up Some More – 1st Half Of 2018 In Review

August 31st, 2018

Part Two of my catching up quest takes me through the first half of the present year, 2018. It had numerous meaningful and personal experiences on offer. Here are a few of them:

Brian’s Top 5 For The 1st Half Of 2018

February 1-3: Curtis Brothers Quintet Tour And Live Recording – Boston, MA and Old Lyme, CT

What a thrill to play great new original music and record live with this incredible band! Zaccai Curtis’s “Algorithm Suite” is a beautiful, intriguing, and stimulating extended piece of music, to listen to and to play. And the quintet of Zaccai (piano), his brother Luques on bass, the great Donald Harrison on alto sax, the magnificent Ralph Peterson, Jr. on drums, and yours truly on trumpet, was exhilarating.

April 26-May 2: CADME Educational Residency – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This was something else – more than a full week of working and playing with high school and adult education ensembles from the Greater Calgary area. I had a beautiful time with all the young musicians, and a ball playing with a great group of Western Canada’s finest jazz musicians. Beautiful country, great people, and swinging music.

May 16-19: Washington State Tour – Bellingham and Ellensburg, WA

Back out in the Pacific Northwest only a couple of weeks later for another mix of small group performance and large ensemble soloist work in an educational setting. It was great to play alongside two former students of mine, Jared Hall and Kevin Woods – they gave no quarter in a three trumpet throwdown! Central Washington University in Ellensburg was a gas – I moved the students, the band, conducted by Chris Bruya (father of up and coming bassist and former BL Artist Ensemble member Bob Bruya) sounded wonderful! I had a great time hanging out with CWU trumpet professor John Harbaugh. And I made friends with the Bruya’s pet llama, Bandit!

May 22: Spheres Of Influence Miami Edition Recording Session (Brian Lynch Songbook Vol. 2) – Miami, FL

I  did a lot of recording in the Frost School Of Music’s Weeks Studio last spring, with my Artist Ensemble, on a duo project with Frost Dean Shelly Berg  and for my own group projects. I’m in the middle of a large scale endeavor to re record all my original small group music that I haven’t already put out on my label Hollistic MusicWorks. That’s about 65-70 tunes at last count, and new tunes seem to be coming along that increase the workload. Songbook Vol. 1, recorded earlier on in Pennsylvania with my NYC buddies, and Vol. 2, devoted to the “Afro-Caribbean Side” and featuring my Miami band along with some of my talented proteges, will be coming out simultaneously around the start of the new year. I’m proud of the way this series is coming along! More details to follow!

May 31 – June 2: Brian Lynch Quartet Midwest Tour – Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL

It’s great to hit the road with my Midwest quartet! Pianist Mark Davis, who I’ve been especially close with over the last 10 years through our work together with the Wisconsin Conservatory Of Music’s Jazz Institute, and bassist Jeff Hamman know my music so well that nothing need be said or rehearsed in order to have a great gig. And drummer Kyle Swan (a doctoral student at the Frost School, former Artist Ensemble member, and Chicago native) really put the pots on – he’s a swinging, fiery new player to check out,  everybody! We’ll be back in the Midwest in November.


Other Events Of Note:

January: John Beasley Monk’estra Tour – Chicago, IL; Lafayette, IN, Indianapolis, IN

February 8-11: Milwaukee Ballet/Bill Bonifas Group – Milwaukee, WI

February 22: The Message (Art Blakey Tribute): U Mass Amherst

March 31: Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orchestra – Orlando, FL

May 3: EL ECO – Boston College’s Elie Weisel Center – Boston, MA

May 4: Jim Snidero Quintet – Deer Head Inn – Delaware Water Gap, PA

June 18-22: Wisconsin Conservatory Of Music Jazz Camp – Milwaukee, WI

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