Prelude To New Postings – June 2018

June 13th, 2018
It’s been a looong time since I have updated the News page on my website, sent out a newsletter to my mailing list, or otherwise communicated with my modest base of interested folks via “old school” (pre-social media) means. Keeping my web sites updated has always been a uphill battle for me, and in the last few years even more so since my teaching duties kicked into high gear.
With the immediacy and ubiquity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram dominating how people in my cultural area give and receive information, I often wonder whether it even makes all that much difference whether you have a “real” web site and assiduously keep it up to date. Maybe for some it still does; I know I still really love to read news or especially a blog post from someone who takes the time to put something both interesting and well written together.
I’m not sure if I fit in that category. I like writing, but I like practicing the trumpet or composing music more, when I’m not on the bandstand or in the teaching studio. It’s about finding the time for it, as it is in so many things, and more often than not I don’t have enough.
This summer is turning out to be on the quiet side though, which allows me to hopefully catch up with some undone and unfinished things.  One of these that I’ve tasked myself with is to do some writing (of words). I so admire those musical colleagues of mine who have writing facility and felicity; it’s like hearing someone play when the chops and ideas are both really happening. As a wordsmith, I may have ideas, but definitely very little chops. So, in the spirit of getting one’s chops together, I’m going to work on mine through new postings in the relative seclusion of my website and mailing list. (This may be a golden opportunity to hit “unsubscribe”!)
The first thing I’ll be working through is a synopsis of my past 12 months: the highlights of my schedule and a bit of musing on states of affairs (take that any way you want since I’m not quite sure what that means myself yet).
I’ll be right back with you…

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