News September 2010

September 2nd, 2010

The long summer is almost over, and as I swing into September, many things are happening. The most important pertain to my Unsung Heroes recording project:

1) LESS THAN 30 DAYS LEFT ON MY KICKSTARTER FUNDRAISING PROJECT! I’ve had great support from y’all so far for my effort to raise funds to promote and distribute Unsung Heroes. But time is running out, and I’m still short of the goal. If you’ve been waiting to help, now is the time – especially since I’ve added new offers oriented towards the non-musician jazz fan. See what’s new and contribute at:

2) ADVANCE OF UNSUNG HEROES VOL.1 NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Yes, at long last! Check it out at The only difference between this advance release and the official release of the downloadable version is that the cover image and booklet will be slightly different on the official release (coming by the end of the month). If you get the advance version, I will make sure you get the updated material as they come on line.

I’d also like to invite you to check out the numerous blog posts I’ve written about my summer activities on this site…

Thanks, and hope to see you on my Kickstarter backers list!



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